Starting a Vlog and Chatt Hills Recap


Hi everyone, I am starting a vlog. I am very excited so everyone go and subscribe please.

I had a great weekend at Chatt Hills ending our second prelim in 5th after a few mistakes (rider error).   I love my boy.

Here is a few amazing photos by Pam Doughty.  


Did I mention I love Queso. Here he is smiling for a friend.

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Going forward


Forward fixes everything!!! 

I know I have been inactive for a while but I’m back and better than ever! As we are all looking forward to 2019, I want to rewind a little to what has been happening lately.

 Last year, I competed a lot, which takes us into summer where I traveled to Montana to groom for the Area III NAYC team at Rebecca Farm. When I got home, I immediately left for the Chincoteague Pony Swim. And then in a blink of an eye I was right back in Kentucky working for the amazing Dan James. That took me right up to the beginning of my junior year, when I started doing full time dual enrollment which means I have more time to ride and am already getting some college out of the way. So in October of 2018 I completed my fourth Retired Racehorse Project with Awesome Victor owned by Laura Oliver. Shortly after that my new horse, Altus Louvo (Queso) arrived from England. In November I went to Rocking Horse with the great Wallace Eventing Team and then after Thanksgiving I went to Pine Top with Eddie G, Queso, and my good friend Josie who rode Hurricane Ramiro. Before Christmas, I went down to Sarasota to ride some polo ponies and the day after Christmas I went to Italy with my friend Leila and her family which brings us to 2019. 

This weekend I am heading to Sporting Days  in Aiken to take Queso is the training one-day and then to Rocking Horse over Valentine’s weekend for our first preliminary together. My goals for this year is to make it to NAYC in Montana on the CCI2** team (old) or 2018 one star).

I am excited about my sponsors and appreciated their support. Espana Silk, B Gone, Happy Horse and Seminole Feed

2015 In Review


Here is a quick review of my past year. * Warning: there are many pictures of a certain grey horse. Overall I had a great year with many nice horses to ride.




USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals


Tomorrow I head to Chicago for USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals. I qualified for this by first competing at a rated show during the summer of 2014 and then competed in this class at Dressage Regional Championships in Wellington, Florida last October. I am excited that Nationals is finally here.


Because it is an equitation class that means I can take any horse. I have chosen to take a wild mustang with 100 days of training. This mustang was trained for the Georgia Extreme Mustang Makeover by Stan Smith. Ford was supposed to compete this weekend in the mustang makeover but Stan was injured by a training horse and is unable to ride. I love riding Ford and am glad he has all the training necessary to compete at nationals with me. What I love about mustangs is their ability to compete in any discipline.


Rolex Bound


This year, Elisa Wallace is competing in her first Rolex! And I get to go!!!!.  Elisa has known me since I was about two years old.


I am very thankful for her friendship because she has taught me many things. I am also very thankful to Elisa for letting me ride her horses and groom for her at shows (in town and out-of-town)!


Elisa inspires me to be a better rider and to make it happen. See you there!


I know you will do great! GOOD LUCK ELISA!!!!

I might be a little excited……


Horse shows in the rain



This past weekend I showed at Chattahoochee Hills schooling show. It was wet but still lots of fun.


This is my 2nd raining show this spring (not to be confused with reining). Here are pictures of the arenas from each show. Which one is wetter?

IMG_0889DSC_0475 (1)

The other show was at IEA regionals in March at the GIHP. I am happy to say both arenas had great footing even with all the puddles. Sometimes you just have to show in the rain. I hope these things don’t go in threes.

It was Old Brownsboro’s 1st 3 phase and 1st beginner novice. Schooling on Friday was wet but he wasn’t bothered by it at all. He was a super star.

I am excited to be competing in his first recognized horse trials on May 2nd and 3rd at Poplar Place Farm.

Showing green horses and having fun!


I was going to call this blog the first show of the season but it is really my 5th show of 2015. It is my first show with my RRTP horse Old Brownsboro. He was a superstar.



We started out with a combined test at North Atlanta Equestrian at the tadpole level. The show was a huge success and him and I gained a lot of confidence.

Sometimes I would much rather jump higher but I remember that my horse is very green. A month ago he had never seen a jump. It is great that I am able to show him at all. I know if I am patient that I will be at a higher level in no time.

Also, the Chattahoochee Hills Pony Grand National was held at NAE’s show. The event was so much fun and I wish it could be held at every show! I mean how often are you allowed to gallop as fast as you want to over jumps. I never am. My pony and I are now qualified to move up to the semi finals at the Chattahoochee Hills May Event. I can’t wait.

10922876_487630008055844_1872935079579121622_n 11095512_1619495031604683_1170459580148191038_n

After the show I trotted Old Brownsboro around the Pony Grand National course. As you can see in the picture he was wild (NOT). I love this horse.


The Thoroughbred Makeover


I am excited to have been chosen to compete in the Retired Racehorse Thoroughbred Makeover in October of this year. The Retired Racehorse Project is an effort to increase demand for retired racehorses as pleasure and sport horses. This year the event is going to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park. My dad Trey Schott is also competing in the makeover.


This is soon after he came off the track.

get-attachment (12)

This is my first meeting with him.

I first saw my horse in December in Florida while staying with my dad. It was love at first sight. His name is Old Brownsboro and he is a 5 yr old grey gelding. He is one of the most laid back horses I have ever ridden.


My first ride on him.

I picked him up in Florida a few weeks ago and have been hard at work. We stopped on the way home and had a lesson with Marsha Sapp. He just took it all in. We are working hard on dressage and even managed to go cross country schooling yesterday. I am lucky to be so close to Chatt Hills. He was great for his first time!

I can’t wait to see where he takes me.

IMG_0553 IMG_0561

Valentines Day !


Today was successful at Poplar Place Farm! Three of us all in the same division equals a lot of hurrying. I am very thankful that my mom made me do a CT and cross country schooling instead of a 3-phase. Reilly, the pony I was riding, was fantastic and we even jumped some novice cross country jumps!


Another fun part of the day was hanging out with two of my really good friends! We had a lot of fun and we’re all happy with our rides!

IMG_0430 IMG_0364

Riding the scooter is also another fun thing to do at horse shows! Somehow we fit 3 people on the scooter!


It really made my day and I am very thankful for my mother for letting me show,driving all the way out there, and everything she does for me!

Happy Valentines Day!

P.S Here are a few videos

The top ten things to do at the barn that are not riding!


10. Moving jumps. We all have to do this at some point. It is fun to do it with friends,

get-attachment (3)

9. Riding bicycles. They are a fun way to get around the barn and at horse shows also.

IMG_9897get-attachment (9)

8. Taking a nap. We always get up so early for horse shows so a nap is great if you can fit one in, Here I am sneaking one in at Pony Factory Sock Pony Booth.


7. Helping the vet. This is good for learning.

get-attachment (11)

6. Hanging out with friends. No caption needed.


5. Jumping on foot. This is one of my favorite things to do since age three.

1459222_10202619579876996_210969972_n IMG_9906

4. A. Driving the cart. B. Teaching horses tricks ( I couldn’t choose)

321219_10200371161944006_1216409956_n 10348195_1568542900033230_2119675673008973844_n 1186704_1568543253366528_171958068620533516_n

3. Walking the cross country course.

IMG_6157 get-attachment (8)

2. Sledding

IMG_3680 1450669_10203409528701276_625109526_n

1. Riding my scooter.

IMG_6362 get-attachment (12)


These are some of my favorites. What are yours?